Top 10 Live Albums (S3 E9)

Hey Hey, this week we are diving into what we think are the Top 10 Best Live Albums. This was a fun one, but also a creepy one. 

Before we started recording, we talked about the death of Entombed singer Lars-Göran Petrov. During the conversation, Phil began to smell cigarette smoke, which is not possible since his studio is sealed with no exterior walls or windows where smoke can drift in. As you may know, Lars was a smoker. Right after the smell began to go away, MIke’s audio got all distorted. For a good solid minute, it sounded like a disembodied robot from another world. 

Once things settled down, we began recording the show. Everything went as it usually does, except when Phil began editing it. At the 11:23 mark, you hear a click and a muffled/muted voice right before Phil starts talking. Neither of us heard this during the live recording. This EVP was recorded on Phil’s track, and it was not Phil, so it looks like we had a special guest with us during the show. 

Getting back to the show, here are the runners-up. Let us know what your favorite live albums are. 

  1. Metallica – Live Shit Binge & Purge
  2. Scorpions – World Wide Live
  3. Deep Purple – Made in Europe

Thanks for listening and support of the show. It means a lot to us. 


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