Philip Shouse Shares His Top 5 (S4 E7)

This week, Philip Shouse from the Gene Simmons Band, Ace Frehley, and Accept comes back to share his Top 5 Albums of all time and why they are special to him.

One of the things we keep hearing from guests like Philip is how hard it is to create these lists. It’s one thing to pick your top 5 favorites, but a whole different thing to put them in order from 5 to 1 is even harder.

We’d love to know what you’re top picks are, go to the SOV Community and share them!

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[phil_bowyer] 00:00:01

Hey, hey, welcome to the sounds on final show. My name is Phil Boyyer, and as

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:05

always from across the vast open sea is my brother from another mother, Mr.

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:10

Mike, Fence and Mike. How the hells are going over there in Sweden?

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:16

Oh, it's really good it. we got summerime. Still. so so I'm a happy

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:21

Cmper. about that. I don't like the cold at all.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:25

No, I was born in the one country so'll say

[philip_shouse] 00:00:27

You live in the wrong place.

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:29


[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:29


[phil_bowyer] 00:00:30

yeah, I. I actually had a dream last night that I woke up and it was We had

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:35

like five inches of snow on the ground,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:38

Oh man, don't go there.

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:38

so I, I know snow is one of your favorite things to over there, So

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:41

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I, I cannot believe that people would pay to go

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:46

skiing and know that's not for me. No,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:50

so so listen, we we got. Um, we got a special guest.

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:54

we do

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:55

another one,

[phil_bowyer] 00:00:56

another one.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:56


[michael_c_svensson] 00:00:58

another one, but

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:00

we're going back to M. Philip Houseows, Hey, man's going

[philip_shouse] 00:01:05

I'm doing awesome guys. How are you? good to see again?

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:08

we. we

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:09

are doing great. Yeah,

[phil_bowyer] 00:01:09

Awesome, yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:12

Phil Phliis is his missing winter. So is

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:18


[philip_shouse] 00:01:18

Talk about summer

[philip_shouse] 00:01:18

Talk about summer

[phil_bowyer] 00:01:18


[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:20


[phil_bowyer] 00:01:20


[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:20


[philip_shouse] 00:01:21

than hell

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:22


[philip_shouse] 00:01:22

here. so

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:23


[phil_bowyer] 00:01:25

there you go

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:25

shit. okay, so we're doing Uh, something different, Uh on on this

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:30

episode where we, we invited Philip once again to pick his top five

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:37

albums of all time,

[phil_bowyer] 00:01:39

all time.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:40

So it's gonna. Yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:01:40

not an not an easy task. This was really

[phil_bowyer] 00:01:42


[philip_shouse] 00:01:42


[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:43

not any ask.

[phil_bowyer] 00:01:44


[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:46

Okay. So are you good to go, because I, I, I'm so anxious to to see what

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:51

you picked, so just jump right into.

[philip_shouse] 00:01:52

Yeah, so we short of the top. The only one I have in

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:56


[philip_shouse] 00:01:56

order is number one. The other ones are just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:01:58


[philip_shouse] 00:01:59

two through five. Can't I can't put those in any

[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:00


[philip_shouse] 00:02:01

order. I just can't do it. I try. it's impossible

[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:04


[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:05


[philip_shouse] 00:02:06

for gold,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:07

So what you got for us? What's the first one? Yeah, anywhere,

[philip_shouse] 00:02:08

so it to start from anywhere from two. not not number one. Uh,

[phil_bowyer] 00:02:11


[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:12

know anywhere you want?

[philip_shouse] 00:02:13

okay, because I've got okay since I've got two Beatles albums on this on this

[philip_shouse] 00:02:17

short list will start with one of them a rubber soul.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:21

Yeah? yeah,

[phil_bowyer] 00:02:21


[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:22


[phil_bowyer] 00:02:22


[philip_shouse] 00:02:24

Um, It was tough to.

[philip_shouse] 00:02:26

It was tough to not fill all five with

[michael_c_svensson] 00:02:29


[philip_shouse] 00:02:29

Beatles records, which I could have easily done.

[philip_shouse] 00:02:32


[philip_shouse] 00:02:34

but rubber sold to me because I'm a such a huge fan of the early period as

[philip_shouse] 00:02:39

well, a lot of people kind of shy, a shy away from which I don't understand

[philip_shouse] 00:02:43

because it's It's fucking genius. Um, it's the beles, Uh, but I love that one

[philip_shouse] 00:02:48

because it was just when they were it. Revolver is even more towards the new

[philip_shouse] 00:02:55

later, like you know, late Sixties sound, and Rubber Soul is kind of the one

[philip_shouse] 00:03:01

that's right in between

[philip_shouse] 00:03:04

what they were going to be and what they had been. I mean every record is

[philip_shouse] 00:03:08

different. You know. Every record with them is completely different and they

[philip_shouse] 00:03:11

grew every time they push boundaries with every single album and this one I

[philip_shouse] 00:03:15


[philip_shouse] 00:03:17

because it's right when they were just about to. You know.

[philip_shouse] 00:03:21

Two records from then was completely different two years from then, which is

[philip_shouse] 00:03:26

insane to think about that what they were doing every year.

[philip_shouse] 00:03:30


[phil_bowyer] 00:03:30

Mhm, Mhm, Yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:03:30

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:03:31

So, and it's this one's so cool because when I got my Hokner bass, Uh, like

[philip_shouse] 00:03:37

last year. I think E or La early this year. I just got one 'cause my friend

[philip_shouse] 00:03:41

Uh, was selling one. I bought one for Michael Wagner. He was selling Uh, all

[philip_shouse] 00:03:45

his guitars and I went and bought his pocket. And um, so this for fun from my

[philip_shouse] 00:03:50

own, I was starting to pick out Beatles Bay lines, 'cause Mccartney's my hero

[philip_shouse] 00:03:54

and everything. Um, and so I s wentli for a lot of rubber soul stuff. And it

[philip_shouse] 00:03:58

was really. It hit me this what the album title meant. It is their soul in r

[philip_shouse] 00:04:02

and B album completely, Especially if you listen to the bass and you weren't

[philip_shouse] 00:04:07

all those baselines. It is like you're playing motow songs

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:11

yeah. yeah. Paul Mccartney is a great bass player.

[philip_shouse] 00:04:13

and it's he got so much from Jamerson and from all that stuff. And like when

[philip_shouse] 00:04:17


[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:17


[philip_shouse] 00:04:18

listen to it and you isolate the bass. you're like you're playing. Uh, drive

[philip_shouse] 00:04:23

my car. Do I'm done Di, or it, don't dit to it. It's like respect. it's just

[phil_bowyer] 00:04:28

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:04:28


[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:28


[philip_shouse] 00:04:29

Wow, this is. really. it's it's You can tell

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:32

that's so cool.

[philip_shouse] 00:04:32

how much and how hard they were listening to that stuff at that time 'cause

[philip_shouse] 00:04:36

it. really. all that stuff reflects what they were doing. That's a big one.

[philip_shouse] 00:04:41


[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:41

Yeah, but

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:43

you play bass with them

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:47

with Ace Freeley, right.

[philip_shouse] 00:04:48

right, Yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:49

yeah. so so but you start out playing guitar or was it

[philip_shouse] 00:04:53

started up on guitar and then started

[michael_c_svensson] 00:04:54


[philip_shouse] 00:04:55

playing based on. by necessity. Really, I took the bass gig just because when

[philip_shouse] 00:04:59

I counted when we got when we got the ace when we got the Ace tour, I

[philip_shouse] 00:05:03

countered four guitar players. I'm like. Well, that's not going to work. so I

[philip_shouse] 00:05:07

just kinded I when I did it Because Mccartney, when, when it came time that

[philip_shouse] 00:05:11

have a bass player

[philip_shouse] 00:05:13

Paul went. I guess I'll do it 'cause John and George Bu went. I'm not playing

[philip_shouse] 00:05:16

pass and then so Paul, I said like I'll do it and I'm really glad I did

[philip_shouse] 00:05:20

because I love. I really, really, really love playing bass. Um,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:05:24


[philip_shouse] 00:05:24

and it's fun playing

[philip_shouse] 00:05:26

Uh, all those old Kiss tunes Because Jean was such a Mccartney guy and I

[philip_shouse] 00:05:31

learned a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:05:32

yeah, yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:05:32

lot by watching Gene play. not knowing that I was going to be the bass player

[philip_shouse] 00:05:37

for you know, his ex bandmte. Um, I did learn a lot by watching him and and

[philip_shouse] 00:05:42

most of the band. Most of the music that we talked about with Jee was the

[philip_shouse] 00:05:46

Beatles and so you know, his baselines are very, very walkcky Mccartney r and

[philip_shouse] 00:05:51

B type. so it all goes together. You know very well,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:05:54

yeah, yeah, especially the later ones. I know. I'm a big huge fan of

[michael_c_svensson] 00:05:59


[philip_shouse] 00:06:00


[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:01

So and he does? I. I don't think he plays all the base on on that one,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:07

but still you can hear it

[philip_shouse] 00:06:08


[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:09

when when he's is going off, it's

[philip_shouse] 00:06:10

but even like, even like strotter,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:13

yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. now that you say it, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:06:13

that is one of them his best and co gin is cool. Um,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:18

yeah, you' right.

[philip_shouse] 00:06:19

they always had really

[philip_shouse] 00:06:21


[philip_shouse] 00:06:22

moving bass lines. He was not like a stick on the root type bass player. He

[philip_shouse] 00:06:27

was always walking around and all, I can't really think of one off handd that

[philip_shouse] 00:06:32

isn't like that. That isn't moving and really like we didn' listen to it

[philip_shouse] 00:06:35

like. well, that's pretty fuck and clever. You know. it's really good. he's

[phil_bowyer] 00:06:39

Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:06:39


[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:39


[philip_shouse] 00:06:40

doesn't give himself enough credit and I think how good a musician and how

[philip_shouse] 00:06:45

good a Bas player he is.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:47

No. but, but I, I'm guessing that's not the way he thinks he. He just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:51

wanted wants the the song to be good,

[philip_shouse] 00:06:54


[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:54

and he, if for him, it doesn't care who who plays what.

[philip_shouse] 00:06:58

Ex, exactly he played

[michael_c_svensson] 00:06:59

So, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:06:59

guitar. I, I learned it on a lot of the Kiss stuff. Um, he would play of his

[philip_shouse] 00:07:04

songs like he'd play guitar, and sometimes the ace would play bass. Um, I

[philip_shouse] 00:07:09

know on you know, and you can hear. You can tell. now I can watchj.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:14


[philip_shouse] 00:07:15

Jean's playing guitar on Doctor Love. that's him.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:17

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:07:18

He's playing guitar and got love for sale, you know, and a lot of his tunes.

[philip_shouse] 00:07:22

he's playing guitars. You can kind of hear him because he's got. there's not

[philip_shouse] 00:07:25

really any finesse. It went on

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:27


[philip_shouse] 00:07:28

and he would tell you that he's like I've got caveman hands, you know, and he

[philip_shouse] 00:07:31

kind like theren ba, you know, but you can kind of hear it now. Um, and on a

[philip_shouse] 00:07:35

lot of that stuff he didn't play bass. On some he did. Um, but some of it,

[philip_shouse] 00:07:40

you know, he'd get Ace to do some. And yeah, he just wanted to be right. He

[philip_shouse] 00:07:43

didn't care

[philip_shouse] 00:07:45

who. So' you know, not

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:46


[philip_shouse] 00:07:47

really a big ego when it came to that stuff. He's wells

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:49

no, no,

[philip_shouse] 00:07:49

a salary Better, you know, he really didnt come

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:50


[philip_shouse] 00:07:51

out the music first.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:51


[phil_bowyer] 00:07:52


[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:53

that's really cool. Oh wow. So so wherere out the boxes right now?

[michael_c_svensson] 00:07:58

Robert Soul right there with the Beatles. That so cool.

[philip_shouse] 00:08:01


[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:02


[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:03

what's up next?

[philip_shouse] 00:08:05

uh, let's do um again in no order. but this is just two. three, five, uh,

[philip_shouse] 00:08:11

Airsmith rocks,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:13


[phil_bowyer] 00:08:13

Okay, there you go.

[philip_shouse] 00:08:14

which that people normally go to toys or rocks for one of their favorite

[philip_shouse] 00:08:17

errors with albums. But rock is one of my favorite of all the time. It's

[philip_shouse] 00:08:20


[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:21


[philip_shouse] 00:08:21


[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:22


[philip_shouse] 00:08:22

It's just you

[michael_c_svensson] 00:08:23

a good one right there.

[philip_shouse] 00:08:25

and it's always cool to put

[philip_shouse] 00:08:29

you know a a band that you like or an album that you really really like in

[philip_shouse] 00:08:34

the time.

[philip_shouse] 00:08:36

So you're like you know nineteen seventy six. You have the who you have. The

[philip_shouse] 00:08:40

Stones, If you have the example, you had humble pie, You had kiss, you had

[philip_shouse] 00:08:44

wings. You know, you had all the Deep Purple. You had all these things

[philip_shouse] 00:08:49


[philip_shouse] 00:08:50

and it's so cool to listen And it was cool. It was all rock and roll, but it

[philip_shouse] 00:08:54

was all different. There was room for everything

[phil_bowyer] 00:08:57

Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:08:57

and Aosmith at this at those two records. In this one in particular, It's so

[philip_shouse] 00:09:04

it. It's so unique sounding. It doesn't sound like any other band or any

[philip_shouse] 00:09:09

other recording

[philip_shouse] 00:09:12

around that time. It sounds so different. It sounds so different that I

[philip_shouse] 00:09:15

can't. I have a hard time telling what kind of guitars an ampsta played. They

[philip_shouse] 00:09:20

just sound like Joe and Brad.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:22

You know

[michael_c_svensson] 00:09:22

Yeah. yeah. yeah.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:23

what I mean? it's not like. Is it's part

[michael_c_svensson] 00:09:25

of course.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:25

of Marsll, That's a strat that the defender, you know it. It's they don't

[philip_shouse] 00:09:28

have that. There's all this like.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:31

What is that? What even is that and using cool instruments like the the six

[philip_shouse] 00:09:35

string bass on Back in the saddle, Every song on that has a cool

[philip_shouse] 00:09:42

different thing in it.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:44

And um,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:09:44


[philip_shouse] 00:09:46

and and we, I was in a thing that we did. We learned the record and played it

[philip_shouse] 00:09:52

top the bottom in order.

[philip_shouse] 00:09:54

A lot of those guitar parts should not sound right together. because they'

[philip_shouse] 00:09:58

they. They completely clash.

[philip_shouse] 00:10:00


[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:00


[philip_shouse] 00:10:01

I'm not sure who I know N I got to ask night Bob more questions about this

[philip_shouse] 00:10:05

'cause not Bob's out with this with today's fily. He's up front the house, so

[philip_shouse] 00:10:08

he was.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:09

Oh cool. Oh man.

[philip_shouse] 00:10:09

He was aerirspths guy. During this whole period, he was in the recording of

[philip_shouse] 00:10:12


[philip_shouse] 00:10:13

album. I don't know who helped arrange the stuff, but the arrangements are

[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:13

yeah. I know. Yeah. all right.

[philip_shouse] 00:10:17

completely out of like

[philip_shouse] 00:10:20

regular text, Bookook, rock and roll arranging and the writing too. It's so

[philip_shouse] 00:10:28

unique and it's so special

[philip_shouse] 00:10:31

and like it's just so great and it sounds so awesome And every song on it is

[philip_shouse] 00:10:35


[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:37

yeah. I. I mean,

[philip_shouse] 00:10:38


[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:38

you got some real classics. I mean back in the Satdle,

[philip_shouse] 00:10:40

every. every note is in place and it's recorded

[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:42


[philip_shouse] 00:10:43

correctly and it sounds right and it's performed right and it's like there's

[philip_shouse] 00:10:47

not an out of no

[philip_shouse] 00:10:49

noise or out of place noise on that whole album.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:55

wing, the salies, Actually one of my all time favorite evers. make

[philip_shouse] 00:10:58


[michael_c_svensson] 00:10:58

songs. I mean, it's

[philip_shouse] 00:10:59

and that one.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:00

man, old man.

[philip_shouse] 00:11:01

it just it's just cooks. The whole time and that's pretty much yard birds

[philip_shouse] 00:11:05

rave up at the end. I mean it,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:06

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you can hear influences. Yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:11:07

it that may love that stuff. That one combination is is one of my outside

[philip_shouse] 00:11:12

greatest with. But they you got get the let out um wick in a promise. you

[phil_bowyer] 00:11:16

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:11:17

know it. Just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:18

yeah, man,

[philip_shouse] 00:11:18

it doesn't sick as a dog, which is not one of my favorite airsma'

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:20

a dog. Yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:11:21

stngs all the time, And it just doesn't stop.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:24


[phil_bowyer] 00:11:24

Yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:11:25

And it's I didn't really realize it. Jeremy can attest to this 'cause meet me

[philip_shouse] 00:11:29

and Jeremy Asbrock ro on the thing together and we were listening to

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:32


[philip_shouse] 00:11:33

this stuff and figuring out going this is this is right. This is what they

[philip_shouse] 00:11:33

this stuff and figuring out going this is this is right. This is what they

[philip_shouse] 00:11:37

played. But this should not

[philip_shouse] 00:11:37

played. But this should not

[philip_shouse] 00:11:39


[philip_shouse] 00:11:41

you know, And it's just so out there and it's just so creative. It really is

[philip_shouse] 00:11:46

one of the most creative rock albums I think by

[philip_shouse] 00:11:50

anybody, and the cover is amazing, too. It's like the Five diamonds.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:50

yeah, I think so. too. yeah. all right.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:53

yeah, it is it is.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:11:58

I mean you talk about this on on and when you' on last

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:03

with us,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:05

Asmith was a huge part of your life since your brother

[philip_shouse] 00:12:08


[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:09

was into As as well and you discovered a rock role through There

[philip_shouse] 00:12:12


[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:12

is there.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:14

Did he have

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:17

some of the favourite ones that he picked up and said, You will go with

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:22

this first

[philip_shouse] 00:12:23

he had,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:12:24

kind of lad, You on?

[philip_shouse] 00:12:25

so this is probably in. I sort of digging around in seventy eight or seventy

[philip_shouse] 00:12:30

nine. I'm three and four on those years, so he had everything up until like

[philip_shouse] 00:12:35

live bootlegs. So he had the first five and for some reason

[philip_shouse] 00:12:40

I, I think toys in the attic was because it had toys on the cover. I'm three

[philip_shouse] 00:12:43

years old, you know, and then these rocks I remember looking at that picking

[philip_shouse] 00:12:49

it up like this is. I don't understand it,

[philip_shouse] 00:12:54

but it's really cool. I don't know why I'm three years old and I'm attracted

[philip_shouse] 00:12:59

this. and then you took it out and then it had the cartoon of them on the big

[philip_shouse] 00:13:04

gatefold, Um. so that was fascinating to me. The drawing. It was such a cool

[philip_shouse] 00:13:09

drawing of them on stage and then you foot they over and then it had the

[philip_shouse] 00:13:12

little Mindy pictures, the montage of all the tiny bollings of them on stage

[philip_shouse] 00:13:18

off stage. Just you know being an Aersmith, and you know I, I stared at that

[philip_shouse] 00:13:22

thing forever, so I remember very vividly. Um, one of my, probably my first.

[philip_shouse] 00:13:28

I don't remember a lot as a kid when I was so really young and small. But

[philip_shouse] 00:13:32

this I remember. for sure, Like listening to that with headphones on just

[philip_shouse] 00:13:36


[philip_shouse] 00:13:38

literally glued

[philip_shouse] 00:13:40

to this to to the to the sleeve the record sleep, just staring at it and look

[philip_shouse] 00:13:45

at at every picture over and over again To listening to it and just it just

[philip_shouse] 00:13:48

sounds. It's just one of those things. It's just you know. I'm lot of

[philip_shouse] 00:13:52

nostalgia for me too, but good God, what an awesome album.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:13:56

Yeah? yeah, really.

[philip_shouse] 00:13:56

You know. It's cheerst mind blowing. Still. It's like so creative and it's so

[philip_shouse] 00:14:01

unique sounding. still,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:05

I mean those first records. Those are like the bluepnt print. The Bro

[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:10


[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:10

roll right there. I mean twice in the at rock, as we mention an man.

[philip_shouse] 00:14:10

Yeah, and

[philip_shouse] 00:14:17

copied by a lot. but

[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:19


[philip_shouse] 00:14:20

not match. I mean you really can't. it's. it's just such a. I mean, the they

[philip_shouse] 00:14:24

had the They took the Stones prototype, two guitars, you know, We singer, and

[philip_shouse] 00:14:29

that kind of thing. Uh, but the sound of it and you know, in a we, you know,

[philip_shouse] 00:14:34

of course they liked all the the good had all the good influences Stones

[philip_shouse] 00:14:37

Beatles. you know, De Partk Five and Yarnbrds all that stuff. but they just

[philip_shouse] 00:14:42

turned it into and it's cool when you listen to the first one and it's just

[philip_shouse] 00:14:46


[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:46


[philip_shouse] 00:14:47

straight blues rock record. It's great,

[philip_shouse] 00:14:50


[michael_c_svensson] 00:14:50

it is. it is.

[phil_bowyer] 00:14:50

Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:14:51

way went into. I mean it when it turned into. I, I think it culminated with.

[philip_shouse] 00:14:56

They're all great. I mean I. I. I love. You know a lot of their O, a lot of

[philip_shouse] 00:15:00

their all of their albums, but I think rock is just like. It's such a special

[philip_shouse] 00:15:05

special album and a special time. They weren't too fucked up yet. Um, they

[philip_shouse] 00:15:10

could still. You know. it was really thinging. They were kind of getting ins

[philip_shouse] 00:15:13

and stuff at the time and they could still perform and function really well.

[philip_shouse] 00:15:17

Um, and man, and if you did, did you guys know about the ▁lyrics, Stephen

[philip_shouse] 00:15:21

Towler, leaving the ▁lyrics in the cab?

[michael_c_svensson] 00:15:24


[phil_bowyer] 00:15:24

No. No.

[philip_shouse] 00:15:24

You had to rewrite the entire record.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:15:27


[philip_shouse] 00:15:28

He had he had. I think he had it. It was either done or it was almost done.

[philip_shouse] 00:15:34

He had every all the ▁lyrics of all the songs written in this big book and he

[philip_shouse] 00:15:38

left it in a Ca.

[philip_shouse] 00:15:41


[phil_bowyer] 00:15:41

Oh, Jeez,

[philip_shouse] 00:15:42

so it was he had to rewrite the and rewrite the entire album. All the ▁lyrics

[philip_shouse] 00:15:46

of the album. This, I mean, the songs were already though the music was done.

[philip_shouse] 00:15:49

but I mean rewrite the the ▁lyrics for the for the songs. So yeah, so who

[philip_shouse] 00:15:54

knows what was in that that he forgot

[phil_bowyer] 00:15:57

yeah, yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:15:58

and didn't And you know he had to rewrite something different. I, I think

[philip_shouse] 00:15:58

and didn't And you know he had to rewrite something different. I, I think

[philip_shouse] 00:16:01

you. I think he wrote pretty cool stuff. Whatever it was. it's It's some of

[philip_shouse] 00:16:01

you. I think he wrote pretty cool stuff. Whatever it was. it's It's some of

[philip_shouse] 00:16:05

awesome awesome ▁lyric and melodities in there. So

[philip_shouse] 00:16:05

awesome awesome ▁lyric and melodities in there. So

[phil_bowyer] 00:16:08


[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:09

would would love to be that that cab?

[philip_shouse] 00:16:10

yeah, and it's never turned up. It's ever turn like an

[philip_shouse] 00:16:13

auction's like I got the missing ▁lyrics. That you'd some. You'd think they'd

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:13

No, it's crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:16:16

turn up on some S. high dollar, you know, music auction, rock and roll

[philip_shouse] 00:16:19

auction or something.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:20

Yeah. yeah.

[philip_shouse] 00:16:22


[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:22


[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:24

man, for

[philip_shouse] 00:16:25

yeah, that's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:25

in a ca.

[philip_shouse] 00:16:26

even crazier when they got it done. It's like. well, I guess I got to start

[philip_shouse] 00:16:28


[phil_bowyer] 00:16:29

oh, man,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:32

Oh man. So

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:34

were. Oh, were' happening right now, Robert Soan meets rocks. So what's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:40

up next?

[philip_shouse] 00:16:41


[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:42

Were you taking us?

[philip_shouse] 00:16:43

uh, I'm gonna do. Let's see the rest of my albums are kind of very well put

[philip_shouse] 00:16:48

together albums And I wanted to pick one that just sounded like a band

[philip_shouse] 00:16:52

playing in the room, And that's Van Han one,

[phil_bowyer] 00:16:55

H. Oh, yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:16:57


[philip_shouse] 00:16:57

and that's just that's another one. That you know it. It sounds like the

[philip_shouse] 00:17:01

future and it's it will. It will always sound like the future. It will. It'

[philip_shouse] 00:17:05

never have. like. Oh yeah, that sounds like the Seventies. It's like it

[philip_shouse] 00:17:08

sounds like

[phil_bowyer] 00:17:09

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:17:10

it doesn't matter what year you're in. It never sounds dated. Um, it. Just

[philip_shouse] 00:17:14

those guys were just playing in the room. That's what they sounded like

[philip_shouse] 00:17:17


[philip_shouse] 00:17:18

you know,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:17:18


[philip_shouse] 00:17:19

And that's I picked

[michael_c_svensson] 00:17:20

it's crazy

[philip_shouse] 00:17:20

one. and because the rest of, like, the rest of them were very produced. Put.

[philip_shouse] 00:17:25

Well, I mean, Ted and Don put his put their stamps on it for sure, but that's

[philip_shouse] 00:17:28

kind of what they sounded like playing life, which is amazing when you think

[philip_shouse] 00:17:31

about a band that could just do that. You know,

[phil_bowyer] 00:17:35

Mhm, Mhm,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:17:35


[phil_bowyer] 00:17:36

Yeah, that's a great record.

[philip_shouse] 00:17:36

I think they were. I can't think of who was. I know Dave was oldest. I think.

[philip_shouse] 00:17:41

Um, but I know Eddie was twenty one when they were cutting that record

[michael_c_svensson] 00:17:45

Oh man.

[philip_shouse] 00:17:46

and a lot of the songs. If you know Van Halen, you know they had

[philip_shouse] 00:17:51

you when they were doing demos in seventy six to seventy seven. They had a

[philip_shouse] 00:17:55

lot of the songs written that went through.

[philip_shouse] 00:17:58

You know what even went

[philip_shouse] 00:18:00

went went through, Um, different kind of truth, you know they.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:18:03


[philip_shouse] 00:18:03

they all. They kind of went back and found old cool rifts. Um. so they had

[philip_shouse] 00:18:08

all those songs written when, like you know, some of all, but Eddie was a

[philip_shouse] 00:18:11


[philip_shouse] 00:18:13

Um. on the restless.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:18:13

Did you mention anything about Van Helen be cause he was there wing in

[michael_c_svensson] 00:18:19

in the middle of it,

[philip_shouse] 00:18:21

What's that? Oh, yeah? yeah, yeah, he.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:18:23

Jean. Yeah, did he mention anything as he talked about it?

[philip_shouse] 00:18:24

yeah, he talked about. Yeah, whenever whenever you wear Van Han shirt around

[philip_shouse] 00:18:29

him, he'd go. You know I discovered Van Helen,

[philip_shouse] 00:18:32

and he'd tell you the story of him seeing them at the Charwood, Uh, he took

[philip_shouse] 00:18:36

Bby. Buell, Actually ruing him and Bby with Um and saw,

[philip_shouse] 00:18:42

uh, saw Ban Halen.

[philip_shouse] 00:18:45

And you know then then you know, try to get him a deal and you know really

[philip_shouse] 00:18:48

was pretty fair about the thing he said. If I can't do anything, I'll tear it

[philip_shouse] 00:18:51

up, But he got you know. He took him to New York and they did demos, And you

[philip_shouse] 00:18:55

know he tried to get him with a coin, but didn't look out, But um, yeah, Jean

[philip_shouse] 00:18:59

saw it and he the next day he took Paul and he took to see it and then Paul

[philip_shouse] 00:19:04

was just like Good God, you know, it had to be. It

[phil_bowyer] 00:19:07

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:19:07

had to be like

[philip_shouse] 00:19:10

seeing that. it had to be just like you. What am I looking at, You know to

[michael_c_svensson] 00:19:14

Yeah, yeah. yeah.

[philip_shouse] 00:19:15

see that, Get them in a club doing that and seeing Eddie play that way, And

[philip_shouse] 00:19:18

you know Ted

[phil_bowyer] 00:19:19


[philip_shouse] 00:19:19

Templeman says that he. he put ad in the Charlie Parker

[philip_shouse] 00:19:26

category when he saw and play. It's like this guy's this. This is not rock

[philip_shouse] 00:19:30

guitar. This isn't even like. this is otherwldly. You know Tad saw it, Um,

[philip_shouse] 00:19:37

and so, uh yeah, and that first record just has so much

[philip_shouse] 00:19:42

energy. It's like when you listen to it, it sounds like it sounds like the

[philip_shouse] 00:19:47

sound is coming out of the walls

[philip_shouse] 00:19:49

and like the

[phil_bowyer] 00:19:50


[philip_shouse] 00:19:50

paint on. Uh, it doesn't sound like its came of these speakers. And I can't

[philip_shouse] 00:19:55

think of another album that said that has that in it. It just sounds like

[philip_shouse] 00:19:58


[philip_shouse] 00:19:59

really just surrounds you and it's just like

[michael_c_svensson] 00:19:59

now there' special.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:01


[philip_shouse] 00:20:01

it it. It sounds like coming out of the air.

[philip_shouse] 00:20:05

It's really amazing.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:05

I wonder if Pauling, I wonder if Paul and Je felt like Oh, we're in

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:09

trouble now.

[philip_shouse] 00:20:10

I know well recently with Paul twed that thing about Dave, and said, I saw

[philip_shouse] 00:20:14

'em and then went. There's a new sheriff in town 'cause they did. They did

[philip_shouse] 00:20:18

change everything

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:19


[philip_shouse] 00:20:19

you know, 'cause they, you know, when they were open for Black Sabbath in

[philip_shouse] 00:20:23

seventy nine, all the guys in Sabbath were. Go. still they go. They killed us

[philip_shouse] 00:20:27

every night

[philip_shouse] 00:20:29


[phil_bowyer] 00:20:29

Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:20:29

it's funny when you look at that like Sabbath had only been a band for ten

[philip_shouse] 00:20:33

years, but they were in seventy eight. seventy nine. They were considered

[philip_shouse] 00:20:37

dinosaurs. You know, So was

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:39

yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah.

[philip_shouse] 00:20:39

▁zeppelin. This bloated rock

[philip_shouse] 00:20:42

machine, you know you're like W. Wow. Really, 'cause Palk had already

[philip_shouse] 00:20:47

happened. It was like it was a lot of things were. It was moving and fast

[philip_shouse] 00:20:50

forward compared to. now you know, Rock and roll was a you know, a, a snotty

[philip_shouse] 00:20:55

nosed teenager at that point, And so

[michael_c_svensson] 00:20:58


[philip_shouse] 00:20:59

things were really really happening very fast and changing very quickly. And

[philip_shouse] 00:21:03

so you know

[philip_shouse] 00:21:05

you had those guys and you had the stones, which at that were extra

[philip_shouse] 00:21:09

dinosaurs, 'cause they were around just the you know early sixties, and then

[philip_shouse] 00:21:13

you had Boston and Foreigner and things like that which I love, and it was

[philip_shouse] 00:21:17

considered very corporate rock.

[philip_shouse] 00:21:19

and it it's funny to listen to to interviews with the Van Halen guys, But

[philip_shouse] 00:21:24

when they talk about that time when they were getting signed, they kind of

[philip_shouse] 00:21:27

say rock and roll was dead,

[philip_shouse] 00:21:30

'cause it

[phil_bowyer] 00:21:30


[philip_shouse] 00:21:30

was vaed. Everything

[michael_c_svensson] 00:21:31


[philip_shouse] 00:21:31

was very disco, heavy and and and

[phil_bowyer] 00:21:33


[philip_shouse] 00:21:34

dance music heavy, and and that movement was kind of happening, and nobody

[philip_shouse] 00:21:38

knew how long that was goingnna last.

[philip_shouse] 00:21:40


[philip_shouse] 00:21:41

Van Halen is kind of credited with one of the groups, or maybe the main group

[philip_shouse] 00:21:46

that brought back rock and roll and gave it a shot in the arm where it was.

[philip_shouse] 00:21:50

You know, very, very exciting. and

[philip_shouse] 00:21:52

um, you know,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:21:53

and you can hear it just all about.

[philip_shouse] 00:21:54

I mean, I don't think, I mean, I look at music back then I, I'm still like.

[philip_shouse] 00:21:57

Wow, there was a lot of great stuff, but apparently it had taken a di. You

[philip_shouse] 00:22:00

know, if you were

[philip_shouse] 00:22:00


[phil_bowyer] 00:22:00


[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:00

Yeah. yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:22:01

then it's always different when you're living in it. you know. Wouldn'tb

[philip_shouse] 00:22:05

walking back? you know, I can't. I

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:05

yeah, of course,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:06


[philip_shouse] 00:22:06

don't have like a really good gauge, but it's always kind of interesting

[philip_shouse] 00:22:06

don't have like a really good gauge, but it's always kind of interesting

[philip_shouse] 00:22:09

looking at how they they see like nineteen, seventy seven, seventy eight is

[philip_shouse] 00:22:09

looking at how they they see like nineteen, seventy seven, seventy eight is

[philip_shouse] 00:22:13

like a dead time for rock and roll. you know,

[philip_shouse] 00:22:13

like a dead time for rock and roll. you know,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:15

yeah. But it's it's sort like when, when you, when you hear Van Hale,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:19

and and you listen to the interviews, it's they were in it for the

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:22

music. they didn't. I. I'm guessing that they didn't. I mean Edin Halen,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:27

his. his. Yeah, will, his ad in Halen. But but it's the fame that was

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:33

like on a different level, cause I, I was watching Jerry Trail from

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:37

Alison Jains, He talked about Eddie right right after he passed, and he

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:42

said Well, Eddie was a sweetheart. We were struggling and I, I didn't

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:46

have my have any gear and said, Wow, it's cool. I'll hook you up and he

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:51

was staying at A at a friend's house, and all of a sudden, Uh, he went

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:55

went and tour with Allson Janes, And then he came back and I said the

[michael_c_svensson] 00:22:59

guy who was living with. I say you, You got to move your stuff out of my

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:02

out of my garage. What he mean stuff? And and they rolled it up and it

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:07

was filled with equipment, guitars amplifiers. And so so who's this

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:13

from? Yeah, it's from Edvan

[philip_shouse] 00:23:14


[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:14

Helen. What?

[philip_shouse] 00:23:15


[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:16

So he? he? He just put everything in there in this tighty little

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:20

garage. And and and yeah, he said Well, that was Eddie.

[philip_shouse] 00:23:21

and I right after his.

[philip_shouse] 00:23:24

Yeah, after his passing, I, I still have to edit the show together, but I

[philip_shouse] 00:23:27

added. Um. I interviewed some guitar player friends. I know that actually

[philip_shouse] 00:23:31

knew him and had stories. I interviewed. Um. Sak and Scotty from Skidro, Um,

[philip_shouse] 00:23:37

Damon Johnson interviewed him and they all have the same stories. said. Yep,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:41


[philip_shouse] 00:23:41

Eddie gave a gear. It's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:42


[philip_shouse] 00:23:42

like the way he did it'. like. Oh, I'll seeen you

[michael_c_svensson] 00:23:44


[philip_shouse] 00:23:44

some stuff. it' like he sent him himself. He, he always, he, never, like you

[philip_shouse] 00:23:49

know, backed out of it or never came through on that. He would always do that

[philip_shouse] 00:23:53

for people and he didn't like. He was very kind of reclusive. He didn't like

[philip_shouse] 00:23:58

parties and stuff he wanted. He wanted to sit in his room and and play

[philip_shouse] 00:24:02

guitar. That's what he

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:03


[philip_shouse] 00:24:04

liked to do, and that's what he wanted to do with chord music. And he, once

[philip_shouse] 00:24:07

he had the studio, put you on fifty studio. He just recorded all the time.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:11

you know, there's just tapes and

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:12

that's so cool.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:12

tapes and tapes and tapes and tapes and tapes of all kinds of stuff, So yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:24:17

the, I mean, I. it was hard to pick a Van Halen record To be honest, Um with

[philip_shouse] 00:24:21

the. The first one was the first one that I heard, and it's still really

[philip_shouse] 00:24:25

special and it still has this thing that a first album has, and in in

[philip_shouse] 00:24:29

particular their first album has that

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:32

Yeah. yeah. I know.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:32

no other record has that kind of just electric. just

[philip_shouse] 00:24:38

blastic energy off

[phil_bowyer] 00:24:39


[philip_shouse] 00:24:39

off the out of the speakers or off the

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:41


[philip_shouse] 00:24:42

Bnl or out of the C. D. Whatever you're listening to it, you know, and it

[philip_shouse] 00:24:45


[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:45

a classic.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:46

great and it. still. it sounds very a phone speaker.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:49

You know.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:49


[philip_shouse] 00:24:49

That's the amazing about it when it sounds more

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:51


[phil_bowyer] 00:24:52

it does.

[philip_shouse] 00:24:52

on on A. It still sounds liked Van Hills guitar through a phone speaker, you

[philip_shouse] 00:24:55

know, and that's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:56


[philip_shouse] 00:24:56

it's a. that's amazing.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:58

that's amazing

[phil_bowyer] 00:24:59


[michael_c_svensson] 00:24:59

right there. How cool. So okay we. We're getting close. So what you got

[michael_c_svensson] 00:25:06

for us next?

[philip_shouse] 00:25:07

Uh, let's do so. My other, uh, My last of the non number one group is is uh,

[philip_shouse] 00:25:12

▁zeppelin two.

[phil_bowyer] 00:25:14


[michael_c_svensson] 00:25:14

Oh? oh

[phil_bowyer] 00:25:15

Okay, yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:25:15

And it's it's another one that I kind of w. w listened to early on and uh,

[philip_shouse] 00:25:20

Apparently I listen to it as a really young young young kid 'cause my

[philip_shouse] 00:25:24

brother. I remember seeing that covered as well then when I got some C Ds. As

[philip_shouse] 00:25:29

a teenager that was one of the ones I got, and like you started, and from the

[philip_shouse] 00:25:34

first breath

[philip_shouse] 00:25:36

before a lot of love. I was like, Oh my God,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:25:38

yeah. yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:25:39

I haven't heard that. I must have listened to it as a three and four year old

[philip_shouse] 00:25:42

and not since then. I didn't know what that was because everything sounded

[philip_shouse] 00:25:45


[philip_shouse] 00:25:47

and that's a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:25:47


[philip_shouse] 00:25:48

cool thing, too. It's like

[michael_c_svensson] 00:25:49

it is. it is.

[philip_shouse] 00:25:49

Oh, wow, and um

[philip_shouse] 00:25:52

again, every song,

[philip_shouse] 00:25:54

Um, is just incredible and that and it, and for the time

[philip_shouse] 00:26:01

you know, when they were recording it in sixty nine and it was their second

[philip_shouse] 00:26:04

album that year, You know.

[phil_bowyer] 00:26:06


[philip_shouse] 00:26:06

In sixty,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:26:07


[philip_shouse] 00:26:08

This someone, come on sixty eight, sixty nine.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:26:11


[philip_shouse] 00:26:12

I, I get.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:26:12

sixy nine, I think.

[philip_shouse] 00:26:14

so I think it

[phil_bowyer] 00:26:15

Yeah, nine,

[philip_shouse] 00:26:15

was something two out. Get't here. So yeah, they were doing two albums in a

[philip_shouse] 00:26:18

year, and they were recording this one on the road. Is you can see them on

[philip_shouse] 00:26:22

that tour all holding tapes,

[philip_shouse] 00:26:26

and um to be a piecemealed album like that, and

[philip_shouse] 00:26:31

also like,

[philip_shouse] 00:26:33

I remember hearing some interviews with Plant and he was talking about doing

[philip_shouse] 00:26:36

the vocal tracks and he'd have to go ah, right before the guitar because it

[philip_shouse] 00:26:40

was on was on the same track as the guitar 'cause they'll probably de it.

[philip_shouse] 00:26:44

They're probably dealing with eight track at this point.

[philip_shouse] 00:26:47


[philip_shouse] 00:26:49

and uh, so he would have to do his scream like right before the guitar,

[philip_shouse] 00:26:53

because he couldn't record over the guitar and just how they recorded it and

[philip_shouse] 00:26:57

how well it's recorded it. Just

[phil_bowyer] 00:26:59


[philip_shouse] 00:27:00

it again. It still sounds better than things today.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:04

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

[phil_bowyer] 00:27:05

Yeah, Yeah, it does,

[philip_shouse] 00:27:05

and it's just in incredible. How well P. what a great producer Page Page

[philip_shouse] 00:27:11

really really was and produced.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:12

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:27:13

He knew exactly what he wanted that man to sound like, And it's it's just

[philip_shouse] 00:27:16


[phil_bowyer] 00:27:17


[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:18

and even a without

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:20

the the Robert Loudwig monstering, you've heard about that one?

[philip_shouse] 00:27:24

Oh, was it the one that that the bass jumped out of the? Yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:27

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm looking for that. That's a Holy Gil.

[philip_shouse] 00:27:31

That's a ho. That's a hard way to find on vinyl. I've got a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:34

it is.

[philip_shouse] 00:27:34

digital copy of that I have in my

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:36


[philip_shouse] 00:27:37

vi tenency. You can't really think. but

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:38


[philip_shouse] 00:27:39

yeah, yeah, the first master took Bas. If it's still the Ba, if there's so

[philip_shouse] 00:27:43

much bass on it. still,

[philip_shouse] 00:27:45

Um, the album that is just incredible.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:45

yeah. yeah. yeah. have you hear? Have you heard it on vinyl? Have you

[philip_shouse] 00:27:48

I've never heard that one on Finalnyl,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:49

that that?

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:51

No, me, neither, me

[philip_shouse] 00:27:52


[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:52

neither or so.

[phil_bowyer] 00:27:53


[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:53

I'm im. I'm still looking for that one, but it's a great sounding album

[michael_c_svensson] 00:27:57

altogether. But, oh man, to be able to to see what? What freaked those

[philip_shouse] 00:27:57

Oh, god,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:03

guys at Atlantic, I mean, you've heard a story right

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:07

on on when when the label manager he heard that he is, I think it was

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:13

his niece or daughter. one of those like Kitty players

[philip_shouse] 00:28:17


[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:17

and she put it on and the needle jumped

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:22

right out of there. Oh, you got to domaster. This. It's crazy. You can't

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:27

put this out.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:28

oh, that's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:28


[philip_shouse] 00:28:29

amazing. it was.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:30

it is. it is.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:30

That was probably the first record that

[philip_shouse] 00:28:34

I, I went. Oh, that's a bass guitar or that's what a bass guitar can do.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:38


[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:39


[philip_shouse] 00:28:39

I can't think of anything before

[philip_shouse] 00:28:42

that that I really was like. Wow,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:44

such a genius.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:46


[philip_shouse] 00:28:46


[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:46


[phil_bowyer] 00:28:46

Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:28:47

and it really does sound my, and then on headphones all the panning and stuff

[philip_shouse] 00:28:50


[phil_bowyer] 00:28:51


[philip_shouse] 00:28:51

Theyre not there.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:51

Theyre not there.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:51

yeah, yeah, it.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:54

You know. it's so cool. You know.

[phil_bowyer] 00:28:56


[michael_c_svensson] 00:28:56

yeah, it is.

[philip_shouse] 00:28:56

that's stuff. but you know, I don't even know people do that anymore with

[philip_shouse] 00:28:56

that's stuff. but you know, I don't even know people do that anymore with

[philip_shouse] 00:29:00

records. You know. it's just

[philip_shouse] 00:29:00

records. You know. it's just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:00

No, and they, they were also like like Asmth. I think ahead of that time

[philip_shouse] 00:29:05


[phil_bowyer] 00:29:06


[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:06

doing doing the music like that. I mean to.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:06

doing doing the music like that. I mean to.

[philip_shouse] 00:29:08

just really, and then A. again. When you think about when this came out, the

[philip_shouse] 00:29:13

Beatles were still together.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:15

Yeah. it's crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:29:15

you know their Um. Abbey Road

[phil_bowyer] 00:29:16


[philip_shouse] 00:29:17

was going to come out that same year

[philip_shouse] 00:29:19

and it's cool when you listen to like. it was really splintering off. Now

[philip_shouse] 00:29:24

it's like there was this really

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:25


[philip_shouse] 00:29:26

heavy area that music was going. Sabbath was a banded at this

[phil_bowyer] 00:29:30


[philip_shouse] 00:29:31

time too, And Dee Purple was making so early records. and there was

[philip_shouse] 00:29:35

definitely a split.

[philip_shouse] 00:29:38

You know. Um, and it's just cool and you like I love doing that. We' like all

[philip_shouse] 00:29:42

the Beatles are still together. You know the Aden Road was coming out when

[philip_shouse] 00:29:45


[phil_bowyer] 00:29:45

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:29:45

not. I'm not sure

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:46


[philip_shouse] 00:29:46

what month. actually, ▁zepp. One two came out. Abbey Road. Iy, Rod was toward

[philip_shouse] 00:29:50

the end of the year was in the winter. I think so.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:29:53

yeah. okay. I think so. yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:29:54

um, but yeah, it's I. I love doing that like when you look at the history of

[philip_shouse] 00:29:58

of, and you know what was going on

[philip_shouse] 00:30:01

musically, politically and socially, I around a record 'cause you cant

[philip_shouse] 00:30:05

isolate an album or a band, you know, and go like it. The whles couldn't get

[philip_shouse] 00:30:11

signed today. That's the most asonine comment that anybody can make, Y. You

[philip_shouse] 00:30:14

can't just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:14

yeah, yeah.

[philip_shouse] 00:30:15


[philip_shouse] 00:30:16

anything and place it in present time. You know it'sossible

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:18

Oh, it's It's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:19

impossible. It's yeah, it

[phil_bowyer] 00:30:19

right. yeah.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:22

is. it is. but it still I I wonder what what people like the beatle

[philip_shouse] 00:30:22

So it's always cool with.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:26

thought about like Letd ▁zeppelin, when, if if they thought oh, w, like

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:32

like it was when when Paul and Jean heard Van Halen, Oh, it's game over

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:35


[philip_shouse] 00:30:36

Yeah, I, I

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:38

whole lot of love.

[philip_shouse] 00:30:38

wonder you know what. There's I got to listen to this. there is. Um.

[philip_shouse] 00:30:43

there's a Youtube a clip of George Harrison, Um, and

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:48


[philip_shouse] 00:30:49

I think it's during the Let It B

[philip_shouse] 00:30:52


[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:52


[philip_shouse] 00:30:53

I think it's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:30:53


[philip_shouse] 00:30:54

when they're filming the The movie and I, I think it's in there where it's

[philip_shouse] 00:30:59

either. the ▁zeppelin, for Sean was the first Jeff Backack record.

[philip_shouse] 00:31:03


[philip_shouse] 00:31:04

can't think. I can't think of he wass making fun of it like. Oh, you heard

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:04

oh, okay, all right,

[philip_shouse] 00:31:07

this or he? I can't think, but that I got to find it now, but they, they

[philip_shouse] 00:31:11

weren't. I

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:11


[philip_shouse] 00:31:12

mean, definitely aware of it and there's a photo of

[philip_shouse] 00:31:16

I think Paul and Linda and David Gilmore at one of those famous uh ▁zeppel,

[philip_shouse] 00:31:22

Earls Court shows in like

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:23

oh, okay,

[philip_shouse] 00:31:24

seventy three, I think or seventy four. When they put

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:26

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:31:26

Earlless Court. Those two they, they did several big big big shows there, So

[philip_shouse] 00:31:31

yeah, they were all kind of aware and I, I. I. I got to go now and find that

[philip_shouse] 00:31:35

because I'm not sure if George was digging it or if he was just like. Can you

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:38

I have to go there, too. I listened to it. Oh man,

[philip_shouse] 00:31:38

believe this?

[phil_bowyer] 00:31:40


[philip_shouse] 00:31:41

Yeah, it's pretty. it's pretty cool. but yeah, they were all aware they had

[philip_shouse] 00:31:44

to be. You know, 'cause it was a big.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:45


[philip_shouse] 00:31:45

It was a big thing.

[philip_shouse] 00:31:45

It was a big thing.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:47

yeah, cause they. ha. it had to be something special even back then. I

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:52

mean to be to be able to to put that sound out there. I mean you think

[michael_c_svensson] 00:31:58

you, when you hear a whole lot of lot for the first time, you had to be

[michael_c_svensson] 00:32:03

as as a musician or as a teenage or like whoever. it must have struck a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:32:09

accord with people.

[philip_shouse] 00:32:09

Yeah, if you were in the recording business at all, you heard that it.

[philip_shouse] 00:32:13

Probably because it. the you know, Jeckback truth was a big, was a big step

[philip_shouse] 00:32:17

forward. And then you. The first ▁zeppel album was that had to be them That

[philip_shouse] 00:32:22

took it that much further. And I think if you were in the business at all, it

[philip_shouse] 00:32:27

was something to. and if you didn't like it or not, you realize that it was.

[philip_shouse] 00:32:31

This is something that's going to stick around. You know this is going

[phil_bowyer] 00:32:34

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:32:34

to. It's going.

[philip_shouse] 00:32:36

you know. this really heavy blues thing the Stones started, The Yard Bird

[philip_shouse] 00:32:41

Star is going into this weird different direction that became heavy metal.

[philip_shouse] 00:32:44

But was it called

[philip_shouse] 00:32:46

heavy metal. Then you know.

[phil_bowyer] 00:32:47

Yeah, yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:32:49

Oh man,

[phil_bowyer] 00:32:50

I always say I was born like fifteen years too late, cause it would have been

[phil_bowyer] 00:32:54

so awesome to see all these bands play live all these, you know, like I never

[phil_bowyer] 00:32:59

got to see ▁zeppelin live or any of these bands, and E even ▁jimmy Hendrix, and

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:04

all that it was just such a great time for music. So many different styles.

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:09

Like you were saying, it was splittering off. and uh, it was just so awesome

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:13

back then and

[philip_shouse] 00:33:13

yeah, yeah,

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:14

I miss that. I mean, E, even like ▁zeppliin, like ▁zepplin two. You popped that

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:18

on today And it's

[philip_shouse] 00:33:19


[phil_bowyer] 00:33:21

It's so amazing and you' like Jesus Christ. This is so good. This is awesome.

[philip_shouse] 00:33:25

It's so good. It's the riding and the and the care at which you can tell

[philip_shouse] 00:33:29

everything was put. But then they were making records so fast

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:33


[philip_shouse] 00:33:34

and that's what. It's just like. Wow, They weren't laboring over anything.

[philip_shouse] 00:33:38

you know. they weren't uh. one of the one of the ones that was. That is one

[philip_shouse] 00:33:43

of the ones that didn't make the thing it should have, but a machine had deep

[philip_shouse] 00:33:47

purple machine head. Um, that's another one that you think that everything

[philip_shouse] 00:33:51

just labored over, But no, they did it in like two weeks

[philip_shouse] 00:33:55

writing and

[phil_bowyer] 00:33:55

that's crazy.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:33:56

it's not

[philip_shouse] 00:33:56

recording like I had somee ideas. But they'd write in there then play it. And

[philip_shouse] 00:33:56

recording like I had somee ideas. But they'd write in there then play it. And

[philip_shouse] 00:34:00

and it doesnt make sense to me. it's like how can you be that gun and that

[philip_shouse] 00:34:04

young and

[phil_bowyer] 00:34:05


[philip_shouse] 00:34:06

and that proficient and just so quick, And you come up with the the right

[philip_shouse] 00:34:10

part that quickly, Um, it. It was just

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:12

's crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:34:13

all you know, They, they cared a lot about it and they were they focused on

[philip_shouse] 00:34:17

it. So, um,

[philip_shouse] 00:34:19

a complete monacical focus on on a thing upon a project. and um, yeah, it's

[philip_shouse] 00:34:24

just incredible when you think that how long it takes bands to do records

[philip_shouse] 00:34:28

now, and it's like Oh, they were cranking ' out back then.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:30

Wasn't it like forty eight hours for a Black Sabbot's first

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:34

album or something like that?

[philip_shouse] 00:34:34

Give thirty six

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:35


[phil_bowyer] 00:34:36

jeez jeez,

[phil_bowyer] 00:34:36

jeez jeez,

[philip_shouse] 00:34:37

they. They just played it down. I think it was that and I think it was the

[philip_shouse] 00:34:41

first Beatles Alt twelve.

[phil_bowyer] 00:34:44

Jeez, Oh man.

[philip_shouse] 00:34:44

They just played their set

[philip_shouse] 00:34:47

and they did like, you know,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:47

all the parts and all the harmonies and everything else? Ohe,

[philip_shouse] 00:34:50

maybe one or two tapes of everything, and that was it, 'cause I mean they

[philip_shouse] 00:34:52

were just so well rehearsed and fine tuned both of those bands when they

[michael_c_svensson] 00:34:57


[philip_shouse] 00:34:58

cut those. And yeah, yeah, Sabbots just went and played.

[philip_shouse] 00:35:02

Yeah, I mean it' it's crazy.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:03

twelve hours for Beatles.

[philip_shouse] 00:35:06


[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:08


[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:09


[philip_shouse] 00:35:10


[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:11

okay. so Philip, we got number one. were up to number one. So what you

[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:18

got for us?

[philip_shouse] 00:35:19

it might be predictable, but it's Abbey Road.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:22


[phil_bowyer] 00:35:22


[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:23


[philip_shouse] 00:35:23

It was

[phil_bowyer] 00:35:24

there you go.

[philip_shouse] 00:35:24

and that on on most days that you askedk me this question. That's going to be

[philip_shouse] 00:35:28

my number one.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:29


[philip_shouse] 00:35:30

that's most consistently top.

[phil_bowyer] 00:35:33

there you go.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:33

So why is it number one?

[philip_shouse] 00:35:35


[michael_c_svensson] 00:35:35

What's so special about it?

[philip_shouse] 00:35:37

uh, it's I don't know. It's just it. It's kind of. it's the last one they did

[philip_shouse] 00:35:41

together, Not the last one released. That's the last one they worked on

[philip_shouse] 00:35:45

together. Um,

[philip_shouse] 00:35:47

and it just it's also the first one they did with a solid state board,

[philip_shouse] 00:35:52

Um. the mixing console, And you can really tell it's it is a lot cleaner.

[philip_shouse] 00:35:57

Um, not, the other ones are filthy dirty sounding, law power or something,

[philip_shouse] 00:36:01

but you know there is a difference like a start difference when you listen to

[philip_shouse] 00:36:04

this one vers the other ones and I love all of them, but this one does. for

[philip_shouse] 00:36:08

some reason, A and a and a again. When you still was on headphones, Um, and

[philip_shouse] 00:36:14

the new

[philip_shouse] 00:36:16

Atmos mixes,

[philip_shouse] 00:36:18

that place, place everything like in height, and also like not left and

[philip_shouse] 00:36:23

right, but it's around their fucking phenomenon and you listen

[michael_c_svensson] 00:36:26

Yeah, Mhm,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:36:28

Yeah, they are

[philip_shouse] 00:36:28

to it in a whole new,

[philip_shouse] 00:36:31

in a whole new light. And I mean Ive, I've listened to this thing thousands

[philip_shouse] 00:36:36

of times. I know every single noise

[philip_shouse] 00:36:39

that's in this record. I know every single background movies. it's in this

[philip_shouse] 00:36:44

record. and listen to those Atmos mixes. I'm hearing you hear new stuff

[philip_shouse] 00:36:49

and um,

[philip_shouse] 00:36:51

it's I don't know. It's just one of those things. You you? You cannot skip

[philip_shouse] 00:36:54

anything. Even Maxwell silver hammer. you can't skip. Um,

[philip_shouse] 00:36:59

and uh it is. Everything just sounds just immaculate. It's just like

[philip_shouse] 00:37:05

you know. it's just like the higher power of the Divine was just there and

[philip_shouse] 00:37:11

everything. Talk about a perfect perfect record.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:37:14

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:37:15

You know. that's just man. Humans shouldn't be able to make something that

[philip_shouse] 00:37:20


[philip_shouse] 00:37:21

You know. it really doesn't make sense. and I again,

[philip_shouse] 00:37:26

none of them were, Were, were thirty years old. At this point,

[phil_bowyer] 00:37:30


[michael_c_svensson] 00:37:30

Now it's crazy to think about nothing.

[philip_shouse] 00:37:30

You know Ringo and John were were twenty nine.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:37:33

Yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:37:34

Uh, and

[michael_c_svensson] 00:37:35

it's nuts.

[philip_shouse] 00:37:36

that I. I, it just doesn't make any sense. and uh that people can be that

[philip_shouse] 00:37:40

proficient and like something like that when you get to the second side, not

[philip_shouse] 00:37:45

not discounting anything from the first side, But when you get to the second

[philip_shouse] 00:37:50

side and the The menty and the piecemeal medley, Um, you never give me your

[philip_shouse] 00:37:55


[philip_shouse] 00:37:57

It is like five songs

[philip_shouse] 00:37:59

and and I don't even know if it's two minutes, 'cause that's the become of

[philip_shouse] 00:38:04

the beginning of the of the big medley.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:06


[phil_bowyer] 00:38:07


[philip_shouse] 00:38:08

That thing is just in incredible. It really is I, and you don't. everything

[philip_shouse] 00:38:14

it. everything segu so well and I'm onlyu. I'm only talking about. You never

[philip_shouse] 00:38:18

give me your money right now that one piece.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:21


[philip_shouse] 00:38:22

everything works so well when it goes from park to part top that you don't

[philip_shouse] 00:38:25

realize it until you learn it and you're like. What the fuck?

[philip_shouse] 00:38:31

It's just completely.

[philip_shouse] 00:38:33

It's different songs.

[philip_shouse] 00:38:36

It's it. it modulates keys and you don't even know it. And it it. that's just

[philip_shouse] 00:38:40

a masterful thing. I don't even know. I don't even know how long time wise it

[philip_shouse] 00:38:44

is, but it sets the

[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:45


[philip_shouse] 00:38:46

whole. It sets the pace for the rest of the the record, and you know the Ra.

[philip_shouse] 00:38:50

the rest of the medley, which is just unreal.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:51

do you? Yeah?

[phil_bowyer] 00:38:53


[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:54

do you think that that's why musicians always have such high regards for

[michael_c_svensson] 00:38:59

for the beatle,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:39:01

especially for Abb Road. Do you think that's that's why?

[philip_shouse] 00:39:04

I, I think so. I think it was a comulbination of uh, of everything with them,

[philip_shouse] 00:39:09

and when you meet everything, I mean recording playing and writing,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:39:13


[philip_shouse] 00:39:13

Uh, and singing, you know, and then arranging to which was a lot. George

[philip_shouse] 00:39:17

Martin was he was. he was. He was the fifth beatle When it came to all that

[philip_shouse] 00:39:21

all that stuff,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:39:22


[philip_shouse] 00:39:22

but you know the recording techniques I, I get. like I said earlier, people

[philip_shouse] 00:39:26

liked to kinda poopoo the early period, but they

[philip_shouse] 00:39:31

weree pushing boundaries from note one. Oh, please please me, and they didn't

[philip_shouse] 00:39:35

stop and they always

[philip_shouse] 00:39:37

were doing

[philip_shouse] 00:39:39

pushing the guys. you know, the engineers at A at e m, I studios, which it

[philip_shouse] 00:39:43

was called back then, were wearing lab coats. They were in white labcoats.

[philip_shouse] 00:39:47

They were scientists

[michael_c_svensson] 00:39:48

in the pictures. it's crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:39:49

and there were. they were very regimented on what they could do and they

[philip_shouse] 00:39:53

didn't like anything that the Beatles were asking them to do and reluctantly

[philip_shouse] 00:39:57

doing them. Um, and you know that that's stuff started early on with them.

[philip_shouse] 00:40:02

they? they? they didn't wait until Rubber Soul to push boundaries. You know

[philip_shouse] 00:40:07

they were pushing them the entire time. And they,

[philip_shouse] 00:40:11

you know, in recording techniques and recording gear and outboard, Uh,

[philip_shouse] 00:40:17

devices were being invented because of what the Beatles were asking those

[philip_shouse] 00:40:21

engineers to do.

[philip_shouse] 00:40:23

Um, and it's just whenning and again, like when they were doing that. they

[michael_c_svensson] 00:40:23

Yeah, that's crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:40:28

were twenty.

[philip_shouse] 00:40:29


[michael_c_svensson] 00:40:30

Yeah, it was

[philip_shouse] 00:40:30

I, I like in sixty in sixty three.

[philip_shouse] 00:40:34


[philip_shouse] 00:40:36

George was twenty years old and Paul was twenty one, and it just like when

[philip_shouse] 00:40:40

you think about. I didn't time my shoes at that point, you know, I'm fairly

[philip_shouse] 00:40:45

you. I. I just can't. i. I'm I'm

[phil_bowyer] 00:40:47


[philip_shouse] 00:40:48

I'm rereading, Um, this book by Mark Lewisson, who was like the the Beatles

[philip_shouse] 00:40:53

authored. This is part one of this trilogy

[michael_c_svensson] 00:40:56


[philip_shouse] 00:40:56

And it's about. it's called Tune in And it's It stops at sixty three

[philip_shouse] 00:41:02

and it's a thousand

[michael_c_svensson] 00:41:02


[philip_shouse] 00:41:02


[phil_bowyer] 00:41:04

Oh, wow,

[philip_shouse] 00:41:05

And so I'm I'm rereading that.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:41:07


[philip_shouse] 00:41:08

And And and it's just it's unbelievable. How like it's fun to read about when

[philip_shouse] 00:41:14

they were forming and they were snot those asshole teenagers.

[philip_shouse] 00:41:19

And you know, getting in fights and and rough. I mean, it had to be from

[philip_shouse] 00:41:22

where they were from. but you you really

[michael_c_svensson] 00:41:24


[philip_shouse] 00:41:24

learn well how important Rirpool was

[philip_shouse] 00:41:27


[michael_c_svensson] 00:41:27


[philip_shouse] 00:41:28

it. That was the fifth member of the of the band. you know, the

[michael_c_svensson] 00:41:31


[philip_shouse] 00:41:31

set the town they were from, Uh, when they were when they were forming. Um,

[philip_shouse] 00:41:36

and it's so cool to to, you know how, they just kind of started writing songs

[philip_shouse] 00:41:40

and were so confident And they

[philip_shouse] 00:41:43

bands like that didn't exist when they were when they formed that band. It

[philip_shouse] 00:41:48

was. you know, Rory, storming the Hurricanes, It was so and so in the so and

[philip_shouse] 00:41:52

soes, you know it. it was Elvis. You know, it was a

[phil_bowyer] 00:41:54


[philip_shouse] 00:41:54

guy and a backing band, You know a ban. It didn't exist, That had three sing,

[philip_shouse] 00:42:00

and they wrote their own songs and then E. Even that was groundbaking. I

[philip_shouse] 00:42:04

still think the Beatles are underrated.

[philip_shouse] 00:42:07

I got. I.

[phil_bowyer] 00:42:08


[philip_shouse] 00:42:08

They people don't really understand what really they did and how much they

[philip_shouse] 00:42:13

changed the entire thing with every single record And

[philip_shouse] 00:42:17

I guess I go with Abbey Roe, just because from it's personal favorite for me,

[philip_shouse] 00:42:23

and just um, the sound of it is just incredible and it's very sparse. It's

[philip_shouse] 00:42:28

not. It's not real layer, like they had done the tape loop thing and Pepper

[philip_shouse] 00:42:32

is very busy and met Myy tour, super tripping and very busy, and the white

[philip_shouse] 00:42:38

album was extremely like, you know, had some stuff like that, but really

[philip_shouse] 00:42:42

really stripped down. They kind of went back to basics on that one a lot, and

[philip_shouse] 00:42:45

recording lot on their own, and I think it came back as a unit even though

[philip_shouse] 00:42:49

John Lennon was out for a bunch of this 'cause he was in a car accident, so

[philip_shouse] 00:42:52

he missed a lot of the recording of this. Um, but it seems like they came

[michael_c_svensson] 00:42:55

yeah. Mhm.

[philip_shouse] 00:42:57

back to Abby Road to do one more really nice one 'cause they had already

[philip_shouse] 00:43:01

done, Let him be and tried that and it. They hated it and then so they like

[philip_shouse] 00:43:04

Let's do one more. And it is it does Does seem like everybody really put on

[philip_shouse] 00:43:09

their you know a game face and and and and and really did A. A. A great. like

[philip_shouse] 00:43:15

you know, ridiculous album that you know. And the cover

[michael_c_svensson] 00:43:19

Yeah. Well, it is a great one. It's a classic.

[philip_shouse] 00:43:20

is just fantasity, too. It renamed

[phil_bowyer] 00:43:22


[philip_shouse] 00:43:22

the studio. You know, they renamed the

[philip_shouse] 00:43:24


[phil_bowyer] 00:43:24


[michael_c_svensson] 00:43:24

Yeah. yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:43:24

Abbey Road Studios, you know, it full F.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:43:26

and yeah, you see there it came over.

[philip_shouse] 00:43:29

They. really they have.

[phil_bowyer] 00:43:29


[philip_shouse] 00:43:30

they renamed. They read it for the albumt, But yeah, it's just everything.

[philip_shouse] 00:43:33

Everything about it's great. I want you see. So heavy is is Re is so

[philip_shouse] 00:43:38

crushing. It's just one. a cool track that is, and it gets so at the ending

[philip_shouse] 00:43:43

it just gets. so you know, chaotic and and uh and beautiful. It just yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:43:48

it's awesome.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:43:49

Have you played all of those songs yourself?

[philip_shouse] 00:43:51


[philip_shouse] 00:43:53

not all of them.

[philip_shouse] 00:43:55

I've played a lot of them. I never played Maxwell, Um played. I want you.

[philip_shouse] 00:44:01

She's so heavy a lot. Actually, that's a fun one. Be covered. Um

[philip_shouse] 00:44:07

sure comes. a. so,

[philip_shouse] 00:44:09

um, Monica Wholeeen and I, She's my partner in the Beatles duo acoustic duo

[philip_shouse] 00:44:14

that we have. We've toyed with the idea of doing the memo,

[philip_shouse] 00:44:18

seeing if we can make it work for two people. We fucked around with it

[philip_shouse] 00:44:21

before, and it's Ca. We. We've like made it through and it's pretty cool, so

[philip_shouse] 00:44:25

we may try to work that up and and um and do something with it, but you know,

[philip_shouse] 00:44:30

yeah, it's just a. It's a fun to play and it's a fun one to play all the

[philip_shouse] 00:44:34

guitar parts and Mi the phone. When then to go on base. You know to learn

[philip_shouse] 00:44:39

that stuff, toocause, you go. come together. Come together. has to be one of

[philip_shouse] 00:44:43

the like greatest like R and B type rhythm

[phil_bowyer] 00:44:46

Mhm, Mhm,

[philip_shouse] 00:44:46

tracks ever. It is just completely nasty. I mean, they were a great R B mann.

[philip_shouse] 00:44:54


[michael_c_svensson] 00:44:54


[philip_shouse] 00:44:54

really really were. And that's a prime example of of that Is that song so

[philip_shouse] 00:44:58


[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:01

cool. all right, so

[phil_bowyer] 00:45:02

time to do a Betles marathon. put all the Beatles

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:05


[phil_bowyer] 00:45:05

records on and just start from the beginning and go through it.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:07

Yeah, exactly it. totally, you can be. That'd be great.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:11


[phil_bowyer] 00:45:12


[philip_shouse] 00:45:12

amazing and

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:12

that's cool.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:13

then you, you look at it. It's like seven years.

[phil_bowyer] 00:45:15


[philip_shouse] 00:45:16

All that happened in seven years,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:17

Yeah, have seven years.

[phil_bowyer] 00:45:19

that's crazy as crazy.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:20

just amazing. And then they broke up when they were before they were thirty.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:23

you know they was. They were done

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:24


[philip_shouse] 00:45:24

as a band with a of a thirty. It's amazing.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:27


[phil_bowyer] 00:45:27


[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:28

he, they' record an album in twelve hours, So seven years is a long

[philip_shouse] 00:45:31

Yeah, I mean, that's just amazing and it's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:32


[phil_bowyer] 00:45:33


[philip_shouse] 00:45:34

funny when you start learning about Um, Rubber Soul and you start reading

[philip_shouse] 00:45:38

about doing those records. And like you know, theyd have three weeks to do

[philip_shouse] 00:45:41

that one and they and they were like, Oh, wow, we can do. We got some time,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:45:44


[philip_shouse] 00:45:45

you know, and Revolver was the first one that they really had

[philip_shouse] 00:45:50

some time to do because they had. Uh.

[philip_shouse] 00:45:53

They had had the first part of that year off is turnning into a fucking

[philip_shouse] 00:45:57

Beatles episode That it happens with me.

[philip_shouse] 00:46:00

They had the first part of Sixty six off, which had never happened before.

[philip_shouse] 00:46:03

They were supposed to be their third movie.

[philip_shouse] 00:46:06

Uh, and they didn't

[michael_c_svensson] 00:46:07

okay, okay,

[philip_shouse] 00:46:07

do. It fell through. And so they had time off for the first time since they

[philip_shouse] 00:46:11

probably like started the ban.

[philip_shouse] 00:46:14

And so that was when they started like Mccartney started going to art

[philip_shouse] 00:46:18

galleries, start to gettingiv into like experimental tank loops and things

[philip_shouse] 00:46:22

like that and George getting into Indian, you know they, they. They were all

[philip_shouse] 00:46:26

kind of um able to go off and kind of try their own stuff. And so Revolver

[philip_shouse] 00:46:31

was the first one and I think they had a little bit more time. They weren't

[philip_shouse] 00:46:34

so pushed, but they didn't have to tour. But then they came back and then it

[philip_shouse] 00:46:38

was redonturing and then you know, and then they started working on Pepper in

[philip_shouse] 00:46:43

the late sixty six, like in December.

[phil_bowyer] 00:46:46


[philip_shouse] 00:46:47

So and then they? yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:46:47

sixty six, it's crazy to think about.

[phil_bowyer] 00:46:49


[philip_shouse] 00:46:50


[michael_c_svensson] 00:46:50

I mean all the music It's it's nuts.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:46:50

I mean all the music It's it's nuts.

[philip_shouse] 00:46:53

yeah, and then then when you go in sixty seven,

[philip_shouse] 00:46:57

you know, Henrix's first album came out in sixty seven, So there was already

[philip_shouse] 00:47:01

this big thing. The doors were already happening, you know I, saying the

[philip_shouse] 00:47:04

California thing is is is well happening,

[philip_shouse] 00:47:08

you know, And Motown is going on during this whole period. It stacks

[philip_shouse] 00:47:12

everything and then they're You know. it's really fascinating when you start

[philip_shouse] 00:47:15

looking at everything, you know. The Beatles weren't the only thing going on.

[philip_shouse] 00:47:18

They may have been the biggest thing always going on, but

[michael_c_svensson] 00:47:20

Yeah. no, no, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:47:21

I mean, there was a lots of others stuff to get into, you know,

[phil_bowyer] 00:47:23


[phil_bowyer] 00:47:25

Yeah, that's

[michael_c_svensson] 00:47:26

oh man,

[phil_bowyer] 00:47:26

what makes us such a great time back then. Was

[philip_shouse] 00:47:28


[phil_bowyer] 00:47:28

there was so much going on?

[philip_shouse] 00:47:30

And, and the rate at

[phil_bowyer] 00:47:30


[philip_shouse] 00:47:31

which it was happening, the quick rate. it was. Just mind more when you look

[philip_shouse] 00:47:34

at what was happening and how fast everybody was working. And you know

[philip_shouse] 00:47:38

Hendrix was putting out, You know that one put a axfulol' love, and he was

[philip_shouse] 00:47:43

just you know, on this rocket ship. you know,

[phil_bowyer] 00:47:45


[philip_shouse] 00:47:46

Um, and the Stones were about to put out some great records, you know, and

[philip_shouse] 00:47:50

all this stuff And you know, the Sammoth ▁zeppeln, were about to come and

[philip_shouse] 00:47:53

shake everything up. And yeah, it's It's pretty pretty incredible.

[phil_bowyer] 00:47:58

that is.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:47:59

oh man. that's a great list.

[phil_bowyer] 00:48:02

it is a great list. Yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:02

so so we're gonna run it through once more. Uh, we started out with

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:07

Beatles, Robert Soul went into Airsmith Rocks, and then we got Van

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:14

Haleing, Withood one, and then we got ▁zeppling, too, and then we

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:19

wrapped it all up with Betles Abbey Road,

[philip_shouse] 00:48:22

Mhm, Mhm,

[phil_bowyer] 00:48:24

there you go.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:24

and that's a great list.

[philip_shouse] 00:48:25

Yeah, where the machine

[phil_bowyer] 00:48:26


[philip_shouse] 00:48:27

had is a kind of a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:28


[philip_shouse] 00:48:29


[philip_shouse] 00:48:29


[phil_bowyer] 00:48:29

There you go.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:30

Ru up. Yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:48:30

It kind of a footnote on the list there, which you know that one was just

[philip_shouse] 00:48:35

incredible too.

[phil_bowyer] 00:48:37


[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:37


[phil_bowyer] 00:48:38

that's awesome.

[philip_shouse] 00:48:39

again. That was hard to do. That was really really tough

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:40


[philip_shouse] 00:48:41

to do. I think I probably got through with it today. like I,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:44


[philip_shouse] 00:48:44

I had three down. I like shtch my head going. Where am I going to go from

[philip_shouse] 00:48:48

here? I can pick all

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:49


[philip_shouse] 00:48:49

beetles albums, but I don't want to do that

[philip_shouse] 00:48:51

socause. You had a thin night space

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:53

it's sort of like you. You did make mixed tapes back in the day. which

[michael_c_svensson] 00:48:57

one should be on there? Which if I give this this cassette over to to a

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:03

buddy of mine. Which songs do I want him to listen to and and support?

[phil_bowyer] 00:49:09


[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:09

Yeah, you had.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:09

Yeah, you had.

[philip_shouse] 00:49:09

with toeless. You can put. You can put as many on a playlist as you want.

[philip_shouse] 00:49:13

Either. there is

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:13

Yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:49:13

no limit to

[phil_bowyer] 00:49:14

Yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:49:14

space the storage now, but we had. we had a limit to storage. You know,

[philip_shouse] 00:49:19


[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:19


[philip_shouse] 00:49:20

you had Bir, and even C Ds have limits.

[phil_bowyer] 00:49:22


[philip_shouse] 00:49:22

You know,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:25

it's crazy. Well, once again, Philip. thank you so much for being on our

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:30

show. It's always great to have you on.

[philip_shouse] 00:49:33

any time, guys. I, I really had a good

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:34


[philip_shouse] 00:49:34

time. Thank you,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:35

yeah, but

[phil_bowyer] 00:49:36

yeah, yeah, yeah, thank you.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:36

you're going out W, with Um, with Israeli and ▁l Cooper soon, right.

[philip_shouse] 00:49:41

like three weeks. it's about to start now. Our first

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:43

Oh man,

[philip_shouse] 00:49:44

show I think is mid September in New Hampshire, I think it September

[philip_shouse] 00:49:47

eighteenth. Um,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:49:48


[philip_shouse] 00:49:49

and so yeah, it's uh, ever, Ba. As and uh, everything, as far as I know is

[philip_shouse] 00:49:56

go, I've gotten nothing else like everybody's plann on and plan on being

[philip_shouse] 00:50:01

safe. We. We're being regulated more about what we can do. but at

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:05


[philip_shouse] 00:50:05

this point I would. I would open the show. so wearing a too, too. If it, if

[philip_shouse] 00:50:09

it ins, everybody to be safe, and we, this whole tour,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:12

yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:50:13

Um, oh five weeks tour, Um, we're just so excited to be able to do it, And

[philip_shouse] 00:50:18

when I say we, I mean my entire touring family, Um, in the Alice camp, too,

[philip_shouse] 00:50:23

uh, we're just thrilled. Um that it looks like it's going to happen and we're

[philip_shouse] 00:50:28

just so excited to to get back out and get to work again. You know, so it's

[philip_shouse] 00:50:32

we thrilled.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:34

Alice Cooper and Na freele ban. All right.

[philip_shouse] 00:50:36

What a great package. I mean.

[philip_shouse] 00:50:37


[phil_bowyer] 00:50:37

yeah, yeah,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:38

Oh man yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:50:38

that's a really really great bill. I would buy a ticket

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:40


[philip_shouse] 00:50:41

to that if I wasn't go to be there every night.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:42

yeah, I, I would buy a ticket Two if I was seen the state.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:47


[philip_shouse] 00:50:48

So yeah, we're we're.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:49

that. that's some great stuff.

[philip_shouse] 00:50:50

We're all just thrilled about it So we we can't wait,

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:53

Yeah, cool. thank you

[michael_c_svensson] 00:50:55

so much, Philip for taking a time once more. Uh, we had a Blas,

[phil_bowyer] 00:50:55

awesome, thank you. Yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:50:56

Phil. Michael. Thank you, and you. Oh, always applies your head out any time.

[michael_c_svensson] 00:51:00

all right, so shack out as freely on Alice Cooper on tour, and don't

[michael_c_svensson] 00:51:05

forget to subscribe to the postcast and check us out on Sons on vinyl

[michael_c_svensson] 00:51:09

dot com. Okay, in the last words, Phil

[philip_shouse] 00:51:13


[phil_bowyer] 00:51:13


[philip_shouse] 00:51:14

all. everybody stays

[michael_c_svensson] 00:51:15


[philip_shouse] 00:51:15

safe and uh, stay

[michael_c_svensson] 00:51:16

Yes, theyy safe, Yeah, yeah,

[philip_shouse] 00:51:16

safe and have fun, and uh later together any.

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