Fun Stuff (S6 E6)

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This week, Soren shares some “Fun Stuff” that includes all kinds of fun collectibles from his collection. We also have a giveaway…

Code Electro – Live at Radar Station

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

03:04 – Gary Moore – Victims of the Future: European Release inside an American Cover (AKA Frankenstein)

06:56 – Van Halen – First Promo Album released in the US with the original VH logo and a Looney Tunes Label (AKA The Looney Tunes EP) Released by Warner Bros.

10:32 – Van Halen Demos and the Gene Simmons connection

11:00 – Elton John – Capt. Fantastic – UK First pressing that is pressed on dark red vinyl that’s translucent

13:07 – Iron Maiden – Killers – Japanese Release with the Obi Strip. This one has the bonus track “Twilight Zone” but it’s labeled as “Details of Twilight Zone”.

17:30 – Japanese Lyric Sheets

18:18 – Fire Splatter Vinyl

20:15 – King Diamond – Green Olive Vinyl

22:05 – Lars Ulrich Blue Note Jazz Collection

23:44 – Vinyl Etchings

26:29 – “Pee Your Pants Moment” – Picture Discs (Kiss: Revenge Pre-Pressing Picture Disc Kit)

30:55 – Shapes “Discs” – non-round picture discs

34:25 – A “Split Record” that’s also in the shape of a Christmas Tree

35:25 – Iron Maiden: “Plus One” South Korean Bootleg Release with Flip Back cover

38:00 – The Guild Glitter Effect Cover with clear vinyl

39:25 – Motorhead – Faux Leather Sleeve UK Edition

40:42 – Vinyl Giveaway Contest (EU Countries Only) – Code Electro – Live At Radar (Splatter Vinyl)




Intro & Outro:

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