Buying Vinyl Directly from the Artist (S3 E1)

Hey Hey we’re back for a brand new season. 

We start with Mike’s Latest finds:

  • AC/DC “Ballbreaker” (1995)
  • Rage Against The Machine debut album 1992.

And then we dive into the meat, which is all about buying vinyl direct from the artist. 

  • Buying vinyl from artists at a show. When did it start and why?
  • There was never vinyl for sale when I went to shows back in the day.
  • Support local bands easier /harder?
  • Smaller pressing plants easier to press vinyl in smaller numbers 100, 200, 300, etc
  • Vinyl is on the rise and if you are a band these days you have to follow.
  • Sell your own records online.

Next week, Chris Laney from the band Pretty Maids joins us and we see what he has in his vinyl collection. 


Mike Svensson

Phil Bowyer

Intro and Outro Music by Grand Rezerva

Intro and Outro Voiceover by Kate Bowyer

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment

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