Judas Priest

Three Hundred Dollar Box Sets (S7 E15)

This week we have the news, discussions, music from Nedtur, and a fan question. Watch the Sweden Rock Festival Documentary: https://boozehoundtv.com/sweden-rock-documentary/ Links Check out Mike’s new band, Dead Anarchy License The Original Sin for your project Credits Hosts: – Mike Svensson – Instagram – Phil Bowyer – Instagram / Twitter Intro & Outro: – Voice…

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Top 5 Songs, 1983-1985 (S7 E12)

This week, we share our top 5 songs from growing up in the early to mid-’80s. Time Stamps: 00:00 – Intro 02:11 – Kiss Word Play 03:00 – Sweden Rock Festival Documentary Announcement 04:19 – Mike’s Favorite Performance at SRF 06:35 – Mike’s Top 5 Songs (1983-1985) 11:01 – 5 Def Leppard: Billy’s Got A…

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Sweet Home Chicago (S7 E10)

This week Mike & Phil explore the blues, dive into a Swedish Metal Documentary, Phil gives his review of Entombed, and we talk about the most hated band in the world. Time Stamps: 03:20 – Blues Brothers Soundtrack 08:34 – John Lee Hooker 18:25 – Europe – Wings of Tomorrow 26:00 – Candlemass – 37:40…

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