Mars, Weed & Vampires (S7 E16)

This week we have Mars, weed, and vampires in the news. We also have a Warning (that was supposed to happen last week) and we kick things off with a post Haloween haunting. Give Us Your Feedback: https://soundsonvinyl.com/fan-feedback Watch the Sweden Rock Festival Documentary: https://boozehoundtv.com/sweden-rock-documentary/ Links Check out Mike’s new band, Dead Anarchy License The…

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Sweet Home Chicago (S7 E10)

This week Mike & Phil explore the blues, dive into a Swedish Metal Documentary, Phil gives his review of Entombed, and we talk about the most hated band in the world. Time Stamps: 03:20 – Blues Brothers Soundtrack 08:34 – John Lee Hooker 18:25 – Europe – Wings of Tomorrow 26:00 – Candlemass – 37:40…

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Welcome to the Jungle (S7 E9)

This week we start off with two anniversary records, then dive into death, but end up Alive. Time Stamps: 03:14 – Metallica – Ride The Lightning 17:25 – Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction 24:36 – Entombed – To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth 30:51 – Kiss – Alive III Links Check…

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