Malin From Acorise (S7 E13)

Sounds On Vinyl Returns with an all-new format! We’ve got news, fan feedback, and Malin from the band Acorise stops by with new music. Watch the Sweden Rock Festival Documentary: Links Check out Mike’s new band, Dead Anarchy License The Original Sin for your project Credits Hosts: – Mike Svensson – Instagram – Phil…

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Malmo Festival – Rock Stage (S7 E11)

This week we take a journey through the Malmo Festival Rock Stage featuring local bands, beer, and more. Time Stamps: 02:00 – Phil’s Motorhead Review 03:35 – Bands that have passed us by 06:39 – Motorhead’s first album is 45 Years Old 07:53 – Malmo Festival 12:30 – Flegma / Flegma Reunion 17:48 – Liar…

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