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Go To Mood Records (S3 E14) – Season Finale

This week we talk about the records we listen to when we’re in a certain mood – pissed off, need a reset, need an energy boost. And, we get a bit sidetracked with the Blues Brothers movie, because, well, it’s epic. Also, we talk...

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Interview with Søren Genefke (S3 E13)

This week we sit down with Søren Genefke who wrote the premiere book on everything vinyl called Alt Om Vinyl. We talk about how his book came to be, who he got to meet while writing the book and some cool experiences while researching...

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Interview with Janne Schaffer (S3 E12)

This week we sit down with guitar legend Janne Schaffer, who played with ABBA and Bob Marley. He tells stories about his career, including the first days when ABBA formed, working with the Porcaro family (who was forming Toto at the time), and many...

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From My Dad’s Vinyl Vault featuring Jesse James Freeman (S3 E11)

This week Jesse James Freeman, author of the Billy Purgatory series joins us to chat about the collection he inherited from his dad. He shares the gems and the memories of listening to them as a kid, and the nostalgia and joy it brings...

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Interview with Chips Kiesbye from Sator (S3 E10)

This week we sit down with Chips Kiesbye from the band Sator. We chat about how listening to punk in the early days influenced his playing, the records he would never part with and what it was like hearing his music on the radio...

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Top 10 Live Albums (S3 E9)

Hey Hey, this week we are diving into what we think are the Top 10 Best Live Albums. This was a fun one, but also a creepy one. Before we started recording, we talked about the death of Entombed singer Lars-Göran Petrov. During the...

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