Video Episodes

Fun Stuff (S6 E6)

This week, Soren shares some “Fun Stuff” that includes all kinds of fun collectibles from his collection. We also have a giveaway… Code Electro – Live at Radar Station Enter the contest by leaving your answer in a comment below. Listen: []( CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro 02:52 – Gary Moore – Victims of the Future:…

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Vinyl Record Labels Part 2 (S6 E5)

This week we dive into part 2 of vinyl record labels including Casablanca (Kiss), Island (Anthrax), Re-Issues, Bootlegs, and colored vinyl. Chapters 00:00 – Intro 01:09 – Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart) 02:50 – Kiss – Love Gun Vanity and “Camel Label” 03:35 – Kiss – Dynasty Vanity Label 04:15 – Donna Summer and the Gene Simmons…

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Vinyl Record Labels, Part 1 (S6 E4)

Welcome to the Sounds On Vinyl show, brought to you by BoozeHound Entertainment. This week we dive into all the information you can get from the label on the vinyl record, including which pressing, (first, second…) where it was pressed, and even what type of recording it is. Chapters 00:00 – Intro 01:54 – The…

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