Vinyl Record Labels, Part 1 (S6 E4)

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This week we dive into all the information you can get from the label on the vinyl record, including which pressing, (first, second…) where it was pressed, and even what type of recording it is.

Audio Time Stamps

  • 6:22 – Vanity Labels
  • 8:58 – Atlantic Plum label
  • 11:59 – Decca Boxed/unboxed Labels
  • 16:10 – Color Design – Green design of Doors – Strange Days on Elektra vs. the new red design post-1970 vs. the butterfly design. (AKA the “butterfly label”)
  • 18:33 – Frequency of label changes
  • 19:22 Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love, Elektra 80’s black and red label.
  • 20:14 – Van Halen I – Warner Bros. Palm Tree Label, AKA “Burbank Label”) vs. The Warner label with buildings on it like some of the Rush records.
  • 21:43 – Island Records and their many label changes throughout their history and which ones are the rarest and hardest to find
  • 26:20 – The Vertigo Swirl Label and who created the label design and its inspiration.
  • 30:09 – The tiny difference between the first pressing version of the Vertigo label and how to tell if you have the first pressing.
  • 31:22 – U2 Vanity label on Island
  • 32:14 – Harvest Records Black Label and how to tell if you have a rare copy.
  • 34:52 – How labels can be used to find new music and artists
  • 35:54 – Is the music different depending on the label and how to tell if it is
  • 37:47 – Vertigo’s “Spaceship Logo”.
  • 38:34 – Artist Roger Dean
  • 38:32 – The first Virgin label, AKA the “Two Virgin Label”
  • 40;40 – Reprise records “Steamboat Label” vs. the original which had Frank Sinatra’s picture on it.
  • 42:34 – Gratuitous Kiss reference that we have to have in every show




Intro & Outro:

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