Metalica – KIll ‘Em All (S7 E4)

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This week we headbang to an album that we really should have done back in the first season – Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All. Mike shares his latest finds and brand new music from a new band – Dead Anarchy with “The Original Sin” (yes, it’s the song in the intro and outro, and you can use it in your project too- see below).


00:00 – Intro

01:50 – Mike’s Latest Finds

01:58 Peter Criss – Let Me Rock You

04:30 – Who is more of a whiny little bitch; Peter Criss or Dave Mustaine?

09:35 – Samson – Live At Reading

11:52 – Kiss- Asylum

14:30 Album of the Week – Metallica- Kill ‘Em All.

54:00 – Pick of The Week – Dead Anarchy- “The Original Sin”

01:05:01 – Last Words and Outro



Thank you for listening! We love you! Keep Rockin’!



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