Heavy Metal Thunder (S5 E2)

This week we talk about “early metal” and what bands were responsible for bringing us the best genre of music ever – Heavy Metal!

The songs we talk about:

  • Kinks – You Really Got Me (which of course VH covered) -1964
  • The Who – I can see for miles – 1967
  • Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues – 1968
  • Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida – 1968
  • Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild – 1968 – “Heavy Metal Thunder”
  • The Pretty Things: Old Man Going – 1968
  • King Crimson – 21st Century Man – 1969
  • Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love – 1969
  • Earth and of course, Black Sabbath

We wish we could play the music on the show to give the full experience, but since we can’t, we’ve created a playlist specifically for this season, which we’ll update as we progress through each episode.


Sounds On Vinyl is hosted by Mike Svensson and Phil Bowyer.

Intro & Outro Voiceover: Kate Bowyer.

Intro & Outro music: Grand Rezerva, courtesy BoozeHound Music

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment in association with BoozeHound Music.

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