AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (S7 E3)

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This week we dive into Mike’s latest finds, the pick of the week featuring The OhNos and of course, our album of the week – AC/DC’s legendary “Let There Be Rock”.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

02:24 – Mike’s Finds

03:09 – Deep Purple – Who Do We Think We Are

03:55 – Alice Cooper – Constrictor

04:17 – Whitesnake – Trouble

05:43 – What is your latest find? Let us know!

06:09 – Album of the Week: AC/DC – Let There Be Rock

29:03 – Gratouitous Black Album & Post Malone Reference

35:43Pick of the Week: The OhNos – Waving From Hades

42:18 – Last Words & Outro



Thank you for listening! We love you! Keep Rockin’!



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